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The village council CHROŚLE

  • 26-09-2019
  • Author: Sabina Rezmer
The village is located about 6 km northwest of the Nowe Miasto Lubawskie. Chrośle was mentioned for the first time in 1340 (Kruszeli, later Crossel), when the Teutonic Order granted the location privilege to the village administrator Tileman Freymfald. Already in the 14th century, there was a church of St. Wawrzyńca (until 1527 the parish was part of the Pomezanian diocese), and the parish also included Ruda and Nowy Dwór.
There are 330 inhabitants in the village. There is a village clubhouse and a volunteer fire department in the village council.
The village administrator Marek Miecznikowski
mobile phone number: 512 020 837