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The Parish of St. Brother Albert Chmielowski in Bratian

  • 25-09-2019
  • Author: Sabina Rezmer
Kościelna st. 24, 13 - 300 Bratian
Parish priest  Edward Barański, Master of Theology.
The parish office is open every day after the Mass, number: 602785361.
The parish was established on 01.07.1991 by the decree of the Chełm Bishop Marian Przykucki. On June 22, 1992, the ordinary of the newly created Toruń diocese priest bishop Andrzej Suski consecrated the parish house. On November 28, 1993 he consecrated and laid the foundation stone for the new church and the cemetery. On December 25, 1998, the first Mass was celebrated in the new temple, and on September 19, 2004, Priest Bishop Andrzej Suski, ordinary of Toruń, made the Consecration of the Church.